Sickick Top 40 Music Video

This was my second time collaborating with Sickick, I had previously edited a music video for him. This time he needed me to shoot a video for him. He wanted to shoot it in black and white and to mimic the style of the music video for "FourFiveSeconds" by Kanye West, Rihanna, and Paul McCartney. I knew the framing would be key, since the sides were gonna be chopped off. There was also some green screen footage of Sickick that needed to be shot, to add the mini Sickicks who pop out from the side of the video. At that time, he had around 10K followers and a pretty niche fanbase. Two years later, he has over 200K followers on Youtube! Even then, I could recognize that this was a pretty talented guy. His hard work has definitely paid off for him. This video was shot with a hacked Canon 5D Mark iii, running Magic Lantern so that we could shoot it in a RAW format.

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