St. Louis Wings Wingsanity Promo

I was commissioned by Iris Blu to create a highlight reel for St. Louis Wings Bar & Grill's annual Wingsanity event. This amazing event was held at Dundas Square, in the heart of Toronto, and there was a great turnout. There were lots of activities and interactive booths for the Toronto crowd to participate in. Corey Joseph, of the Toronto Raptors, was the judge of the wing-eating contest and he had a great time watching contestants try to chow down as many wings as possible within 5 minutes. Definitely one of the most memorable live events I have had the pleasure of capturing. This video was shot mainly on a Panasonic Lumix G7 and the same camera was used for the time-lapse shots. The editing was done on Adobe Premiere and some motion graphics work on Adobe After Effects.

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